December 11, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

I wonder what 10 lords of leaping looks like? If they showed up in tights on my doorstep and wanted to perform in my living room, I think I would run to catch the UPS delivery person. This is one package that would be return to sender!

According to most, the 12 Days of Christmas (watch a funny version) starts with Christmas and goes until January 6th. But for this 'give,' I'm using it like advent, starting December 13th, and ending on Christmas Eve. I understand there are different takes on the 12 Days of Christmas, some believe in the hidden meaning of the song, which I enjoy because of all the symbolism, but that's not my focus today.

As promised, here is another idea from Real Simple for giving to less fortunate and applying the concept of the 12 Days of Christmas. Deborah Sorbo from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey wrote in: "My kids and I choose a family in our town that we know is going through a difficult time and becme their secret elves for the 12 days before Christmas. Each day we drop off small decorations and goodies with little cards. By the morning of December 25, their house looks festive, they've enjoyed a few treats, and their holidays have hopefully been easier and happier. We have a blast trying to leave the gifts for them without being found out, and we never reveal our identity!"

To understand how to truly help other families in need, here is an amazing story from someone that has experienced poverty and what she learned. Reading this will help you understand how to better help those going through the same situation.

And if you're racking your brain and can't come up with anyone that you could do this 'give for, then start a new tradition with the 12 Days of Christmas at your home with these great ideas!

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Thanks for sharing your true Christmas spirit!